Bible Bowl Conference Coordinator - Felicia Hunter

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Bible Bowl Registration Form

The LRC Bible Bowl Championship will be held the last Sabbath afternoon of Camp meeting, June 22, 2019.
The LRC registration form and fee is due May 15, 2019. (The registration fees will be utilized to assist with the National Bible Bowl Registration for
the advancing teams.)

Attached is the LRC Bible Bowl registration form.  Please mail the completed form and fees to the LRC, and email a copy of the completed
form to me.  

At the present time, there are two confirmed LRC Adults teams, Berean Springs All Nations and Detroit City Temple and One Senior Youth Team from Chicago.  

Please complete the attached registration form, (submit a copy to me via email ), mail the registration form with

fee to Latita Thomas at the Lake Region Conference Headquarters.

If there are two teams in one division, the team advancing to Nationals will be decided in 3 rounds best 2 out of 3 advances.

If there is only one team in a division, that team automatically advances to the Nationals.

We are also seeking team sponsors, supporters, prayer warriors and enthusiastic individuals to encourage the study, sharing and
love of God's word. 

The Bible Bowl will be hosted by the South Atlantic Conference:  
The recommended hotels and championship location will be forwarded soon.
The dates for the Nationals are October 25 -26, 2019.