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Touch 10K Challenge Outreach Registration

Touch 10K Challenge Outreach is a project for the Lake Region Conference for the year 2018 where we will attempt to make a connection with 10,000 people.  The youth department is partnering with Adult Ministries to reach our goal.  

During the CFL Sweet 16 Weekend, each team and participating churches will receive a small packet with instructions and location of Touch 10K outreach.  

We will be purchasing Touch 10K t-shirts which are $5/shirt.  If you desire for your team or church members to purchase a shirt, you must register your team or church by Sunday February 18 12:00am.  Please indicate payment method.

Contact Name *
Contact Name
Person who is responsible for team or church
Team or Church Name
Team or Church Name
*If paying by check make check payable to: Lake Region Youth Ministries; Memo-Touch 10K Send to: Lake Region Conference 8517 S. State St, Chicago, IL 60619 by February 15, 2018 *If paying by credit card click PayPal Button below.
Please indicate the amount of shirts needs along with sizes with total number: ex. 2M; 3L; 4XL; 9 total