for Adventurers and Pathfinder Ministries
North American Division

Revised September 2014

I. Prerequisites:

  1. Register with Lake Region Conference Youth Department.

  2. Be a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  3. Have a written recommendation from your local church board, stating that the candidate is in regular standing.

  4. Be at least 16 years of age to start the Master Guide Leadership course and at least 18 years of age at completion.

  5. Have a completed Basic Staff Training Certification and been involved for a minimum of one year in one of the following ministries.

    1. Adventurers Ministries

    2. Pathfinders Ministries

    3. Lower Division Sabbath School

    4. AY Team

  6. Verified Volunteers For the Child Protection Background Screening Process:

* It will be helpful for a Master Guide in training to have exposure to both ministries, Adventurers and Pathfinders.


  1. The Master Guide curriculum must be completed in a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years.

  2. All Master Guide Candidates must document all work in a portfolio.

  3. Curriculum completion is under the supervision of the conference Youth, Pathfinder or Adventurer Director, or their designated Master Guide representative.

  4. There will be an exit interview to review MG Report Card & Portfolio

Master Guide program cost $50 which covers all MG certificate, paraphernalia,  and packet.  Payment options are as follows:

  • Check or money order. Make checks to: Lake Region Youth (memo: master guide) 19860 S. LaGrange Rd. Mokena, IL 60448 Attn: Latita Thomas

Master Guide Online Registration Form & Payment

*Books and instructor resource material for Master Guide are available from AdventSource

You can order the Master Guide Record Card from AdventSource catalog #001123





Lake region Conference Club ministries 

Master Guide Training Program

The Master Guide (MG) Ministry is one of the leadership programs that the General Conference Youth Ministries Department uses to train people for youth leadership. The Master Guide provide assistance to the Adventurer, Pathfinders or Youth Ministries of the local church and/or conference in leadership training, discipleship and outreach endeavors.

The Master Guide Ministry is NOT an extension of the Pathfinder program, it is a Youth Ministry Leadership Program in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  It prepares the participant for leadership roles with the Adventurer, Pathfinder, and Youth Ministries. The emphasis is on in-service training and active involvement in learning new skills and developing methods for successful leadership. The purpose of the Master Guide curriculum is to develop youth leadership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  


  1. Master Guide Curriculum

  2. MG7001 Monthly Report Form
    MG7002 Camp Inspection Form
    Camp Inspection Process
    MG7003 Class A Uniform Inspection Form
    Uniform Inspection Process
    Adventist Risk Management Claim Forms
    Club Membership Application
    Camp Check List - Individual
    Camp Check List - Club
    Devotional Journal
    Medical Consent and Release Form
    Trip Permission
    Field Trip Checklist
    Safe Driver Pledge
    Safety Guidelines Brochure
    Club Certification Application


Master Guide Manual
About the Master Guide Ministry
Master Guide Club Structure
Master Guide Recertification Program
28 Fundamental Beliefs
US National Anthem - The Star Spangled Banner
Police and security codes
NAD Pathfinder Drill Manual
MG6007 Drill Guidon Information
Questions and answers

Suggested Programs and ceremonies

Registration Program
Induction Program
Investiture Program
Flag ceremony

Honors and camping information

Adventist Youth Honors
Backpacking (additional articles on this link)
Camping Skills 1
Camping Skills 2
Camping Skills 3
Camping Skills 4
Camping Skills 4 Test
Canoeing Test
Christian Storytelling
Christian Citizenship
Geocaching Test
Seeds Test